Our Story

Our Story


In 2012, my husband and I became parents and from there our family grew from three to five by 2019! While our family was growing, we suffered some hardships that drove us straight into poverty. Getting the lights turned off and waiting in food bank lines was no stranger to us. Our dream was to buy a home that would comfortably fit our family, but it seemed like the harder we tried to fight for our dream, the more housing costs would skyrocket.

Eventually, my husband and I realized that buying a conventional home might just be out of our reach, but we didn’t want to completely give up. We decided that if we couldn’t buy a home, then we would build one. We purchased a massive shed, put it on a family member’s property, and over the next year and a half my husband, with blood, sweat, and tears turned that shed into a beautiful tiny home for our then family of four.

During that time, we got the surprise of our life when we found out we were expecting our third child! Four people was already going to be a tight squeeze in that tiny home, but somehow we managed to survive with five people! 

We moved into the house a couple months before our third son was born in December 2019. As you all know, it was just a few months later when the entire world turned upside down because of the Coronavirus. Can you picture what it was like homeschooling two children in a tiny home with a baby alongside the madness? **INSERT CRYING-PULLING-OUT-HAIR-EMOJI HERE**


The last thing I wanted to do during a pandemic was go back to my former job working at a preschool with a bunch of adorable, but germy preschoolers! I thought about doing something I had wanted to do for years—open up a cleaning business. When the stimulus checks came rolling, I knew we had an incredible and once in a lifetime opportunity to use this money to change our lives. We paid off the money we owed on the tiny home and use the money to invest in starting my own licensed, bonded, and insured eco-friendly cleaning company! 

Since then, we’ve expanded services all over Clark and Cowlitz County, powered by my amazing staff of four!

The year and a half we lived in that tiny home was hard, but also very humbling. Only 6 months after starting this business, we left the tiny home behind and moved into a house that was much more suitable for our family.

This business has completely repaved the path forward for my family in ways we never could have imagined! I am forever grateful for my staff and clients who make this dream possible every day. I put every ounce of that appreciation into fuel to work hard every day at making Clean Maid Green thrive!