Cleaning Product

At Clean Maid Green, we use cleaning products made by the us to clean our client's houses. Many of our clients love our products so much, they wanted the magic of Clean Maid Green to last long after their cleaning appointments. That's why we decided to share the love!

All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate


1. Lemongrass

2. Lemon Tree

3. Moonlight Mint

4. Dragon’s Breath

Did you know that most cleaning sprays are at least 90% water? 
Why load our precious landfill with thousands of pounds of plastic spray bottles when most of the main ingredient is water? 
You can do that with our cleaner concentrate! Simply fill one of our glass spray bottles with water and add one little bottle of concentrate, and you have yourself the best smelling and most powerful all purpose cleaner on the market! 
Soon, we will be transitioning to a larger concentrate bottle that won’t be single use. Not only will this be more eco-friendly, but it will also be more cost efficient for you! 


  1. Concentrate- $8 or 3 for $20
  2. Glass Spray Bottle- $20
  3. Glass Spray Bottle with Concentrate- $25
  4. The Whole Family- $90 (Best Value)
    This is an assorted pack of glass spray bottles and concentrates. Comes with 1 glass spray bottle in each scent and 1 concentrate in each scent. 

Contact Clean Maid Green to make your order! You can also make an order in person with your cleaner next time you see them.